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Cosmic Updates

Tuesday 19th September 2017 We're in Moondark, with a Virgo new Moon forming at 06:30hrs (BST) tomorrow morning (Wednesday), and it's very much about the need to heal, to recharge the batteries and perhaps to tap into your inner creativity.
Old emotional pain could lift at this time, maybe when least expected. There's a shift happening. But it needs us to go softly. There could be enlightenment and realisations coming just now that set us free from old painful emotional chains.

Usually a new Moon is a revitalising experience, but this one is sleepy, and it's asking us to proceed more carefully, gently and not to be too disappointed by recently made plans that don't materialise this week as there's a gain to be made from the time and the space that's left as a result. It's a time for compassion, but for taking stock first to see where is best to direct that. 
The Virgo new Moon is about serving others and about getting the practical details right. It's about taking care of the physical realms.
It sadly rather fits that a huge aid operation is necessary out in the Caribbean, and that on many different levels just now, not just out in that hurricane zone, many people are bidding farewell to old chapters and needing to take time to plan and think about the next phase and about how best to make it work.

Is there something in your life that is in transition, easing out of your life, making space for a new beginning? This new beginning may be filling your mind with too many swirling thoughts, but that will soon give way to clearer thoughts and plans. 
Mercury opposes Neptune, so thoughts can be very intuitive, and reflective, nostalgic and even melancholic for some, and that aspect can bring self doubt or information that's not quite accurate. It stirs the imagination and makes it hard to see the wood for the trees, bringing mental fog for some of us, too, hence the benefit of taking rest time if you can. of accepting a cancelled plan as an opportunity to recharge the battery. Much could be sorted out or fixed, arranged, on Friday, when Mercury then taps into Pluto, powering up his precision power too, so reassure yourself for now, if you can that current fog or uncertainties will not last.

Wednesday 13th September 2017  Saturn is squaring the Sun over the next 24hrs or so..Road blocks, things getting in the way of the plan. Testing us to see how committed we are to our goals. Being limited in some way by physical challenges or by work details that take longer. 
Saturn is said to be the safety barricade that stops us running out into the road, but he can feel oppressive and like there is such a mountain to climb to get through what you have to do. But persevere if you can, as Saturn also rewards the diligent albeit in his own time.
He's the Time Lord, so he wants us to get our heads down and do our best despite limitations or even the dreaded cloud of self doubt or the urge to throw the snakes and ladders board on the floor and say "game's over". 
Saturn says one step at a time is FINE. See how far up that mountain you get by taking a deep breath and starting to put one foot in front of the other instead of looking at the summit with trepidation.

Tuesday 12th September 2017   Moon's been proper distracted and out of sorts today, and communications planet Mercury has been in a tricky sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) with Pluto in bureaucratic Capricorn..misleading information and messages not getting to the right people , communications equipment playing up.
Like many, I've been distracted by the need to know how people are doing out in the devastated areas of the Caribbean, reading so many of the back stories, hidden under the various layers of news. There's so much devastation of late, since that big eclipse and it's surging, watery full Moon, across the globe, but I know some of these islands more personally, so I guess that hits home. I've read a lot about kindness and about fears today, about tragedies and about inspiring acts of humanity.

Today's Mercury aspect is diversions and detours.. have you had any of those? 
Also with Pluto involved, discussions about deeper topics that feel taboo or complex.have been in the air. Also, Saturn is forming,by the wee small hours of Thursday, a 90 degree alignment with the Sun bringing mountains to climb, testing skills and staying power, throwing rocks in the path. Those rocks can be used as experience that strengthens or as material to build something solid and secure. 
Venus is aligning with Saturn just now, until just after midnight, too, so there will be soothing and comfort around, and as it's Venus, women in particular could bring something to the table in currently stressful situations, with quietly wise words or deeds, perhaps behind the scenes, that just might help to improve matters.
Mercury is still in his "shadow" phase, so there are facts yet to emerge that might be important to know, and if you are being hemmed in or held back in some way, that's, possibly in retrospect, going to work for you.September 19th marks the point where Mercury is clear of fog, shadows and detours

Friday 8th September 2017  Today's alignment of Mars with Pluto (sesquiquadrate) has the feel  of big efforts having to go into getting things sorted, mended, resolved, and of course Mars and Pluto are known for extreme force, which seems to describe the current weather systems wreaking havoc around the world, connected to the eclipse that had such a strong Mars theme, and to the Full Moon in Pisces, with ruler Neptune intensifying the oceanic theme too. Right now, with an Aries Moonphase afoot, well that brings many a hero. Sun will align with Pluto tomorrow (Saturday 9th) in a transformative, regenerating aspect. Sunis in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn. People will be amazing in their practical efforts. Before this horrid news broke, I was speaking about the full Moon requiring us to apply practical compassion, and that seems very much to be what's called for. Thoughts with those around the world going through such turmoil and torment. Counting every blessing here on the west coast of Scotland where the climate may not always delight, but is as a rule, more temperate. Hope your weekend is kind. Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday 6th September 2017
Today's Full Moon is in Pisces, stirring our intuitive, creative, compassionate instinctual selves, bringing matters to a peak, many of which require a gentle, wise touch, while Mars is newly in Virgo, sign of service, and of detail. Trusting the intuition that tells you to check the detail, and also to do the things that your soul tells you are right and good.
It is a time to show practical compassion. To put shape and form to creative ideas, to take the vision, the dream and believe in it and to work to make it happen. Mars in Virgo works very hard to get things right. Sometimes over hard, striving for perfection which of course proves elusive, as perfectionists are rarely convinced they've achieved that goal! 
This full Moon energy can bring a twist of anxiety about not being perfect, but it can also stir the urge to work hard to make a dream come true. 
That current saying of "believe and achieve" springs to mind. Mercury has gone forward, but he is still slow, so some ongoing processes could take a wee while to come together, but there should be progress over the next ten days, following that unsettled or uncertain phase of delays over Mercury's shadowy and retrograde weeks that coloured much of August, along with that solar eclipse that swept in new events to be taken into consideration. 
Now we're looking at the bottom line more clearly as the coming fortnight unfolds, towards new Moon on 20th. Knowing what you've got to work with is the first step to setting off on a fresh chapter. 
Wishing you wind beneath your wings and success with all of your aims, and if you catch sight of that glorious Pisces full Moon, make a, but also do the homework on how to make it happen! Till next time, thanks for stopping by!

Sunday 3rd September  2017 Mercury with Mars can  bring frustration over details, possibly over what's been missed out. Double check tickets and schedules and timetables and you won't go far wrong. Watch for younger males being peacocks or prickly pears at times too, and look out for male celebrities making news, too. In fact there could be a lot of showbizzy sparkle and glitz around this time.

Friday 25th August 2017:Saturn pauses, turning forward after having been backtracking in relation to planet Earth since 6th April this year, a phase he repeats annually, but it often seems that business and property matters begin to move forward at the same time as Saturn does, and during his retrograde, those affairs can seem slower moving.  So with saturn heading forward on a day when the Sun, now in Virgo, the caretaker of details and the analyst, in aspect with transformer Pluto in Capricorn, linked to business and to property, this could be a pivotal time for many folk immersed in career and business and property moves and upheavals, renovations etc. Things are beginning to gather momentuum, but with Mercury still retrograde, there may be some details yet to be firmed and finalised, which may not be a bad thing. It could be that in the light of something official that comes to your attention, a plan will be altered. 

There's some fiery energy afoot just now too. Everyone has their own agenda at the best of times, but mighty Mars is with Mercury in Leo and egos can run amok and folk can be cranky and feisty and narky, so over the next few days, it could be good to stay busy, give each other plenty of personal space. Relationships could be warmed by a bit of mutual appreciation, by focussing on the shiny bits of each other! Venus comes to leo this Saturday 26th, and as she's in the company of Mars, she can also spark off some sizzly passion of the more enjoyable sort. 

Wednesday 30th.. a lunchtime phase where things feel heavy or obstructed is followed by delight..

Looks like Thursday 31st will bring people back in touch and for some, awaited offers . Still, check those fine details to be sure they definitely are correct/suit. Something may be further adjusted, not necessarily a bad thing.

Sunday 3rd September  2017 Mercury with Mars can  bring frustration over details, possibly over what's been missed out. Double check tickets and schedules and timetables and you won't go far wrong. Watch for younger males being peacocks or prickly pears at times too, and look out for male celebrities making news, too. In fact there could be a lot of showbizzy sparkle and glitz around this time.


In view of the mighty solar eclipse of Monday 21st August, I was intrigued by this quote from fellow astrologer Robert Thibodeau "Solar Eclipses remove God or parent from taking care of you. Then you find out if you can walk or fly on your own. Fun stuff if you have feet or wings, otherwise have heart my friends to will to learn. As Plato said, if you are willing to learn….anything can happen. These are times, anything can happen. Imagine, there’s no separateness… need not to love"
My observation on this..Removing God or parent.. this isn't necessarily about removing people.. but about removing some aspect of a support system you thought you needed.. maybe you can benefit still from this, in which case the word "need" could be replaced by the word appreciate. It's about realising how strong your own wings some shape or form. A light goes out.. we are left in the dark..we have time to reflect, we have a chance to start afresh. And when the light returns maybe we love it more, maybe we see things differently, and maybe we are stirred to take a new path, or to make more of what we have.


Monday 14th August 2017  Little Mercury paused yesterday, Sunday 13th, at 0200hrs BST, so if you had a frustrating day of fruitless journeys or found it hard to tie up with folk, that's the little trickster at work, be warne! He will bring folk back to you though, and he'll get you re-doing things which will mean many things. You might have a retest and a case of second (opr third) time lucky, or a reconnection or a revival in your life that's actually quite welcome. But know that Mercury isn't paying his usual attention and that you will benefit from double checking the details over these three weeks when the little communications master also seems to turn trickster!  Rushing into fresh agreements once Mercury is retrograding ( August 13th - September 5th)  often means there are details we later wish we'd stopped and paid more attention to. Purchases are sometimes not what we thought we'd paid for. So vigilance is smart!

Be prepared for delays connected to visits and to services being supplied. But also be prepared for some things actually finally happening that have been awaited for some time, and rejigged appointments could happen. Look out for cancellations that accelerate a waiting list too.

This week has quite a strong social element to it, with Venus in the mood for harmony, although at times everythign will feel quite full on and maybe a wee bit complicated by trying to get diaries dovetailing, or by the heart beign willing but the head trying to keep things manageable!

This is the shadow week of the big solar eclipse that's being much talked about, happening on Monday 21st, in Leo, and visible across USA, therefore being referred to as the great Americal eclipse. It's very much homing in on leaders and monarchs. Eclipses change the order of things and they open new doors. Solar eclipses are new Moons, but stronger in effect as they mark closure ( /a light goes out then is relit) and indicate clear and obvious new beginnings, rather than gradual transitions.

This one is in Leo, a sign that can be flamboyant and dramatic, or it can be dignified and regal.  So it's no surprise that news is so much about the posturing of peacock politicians. The eclipse has the masculine, action planet Mars alongside, aspecting Uranus the revolutionary, innovative, lightning like planet, called the Awakener. and bringer of swift changes, and Mars is also in aspect with Saturn, who's pausing,suggesting that the experienced elders of government may be pulling more strings than is obvious. Mars and Saturn are linked to military figures and action, too, as well as to rigid discipline and determination to do well.

On a personal level, now is a good time to get your act together, to organise yourelf well, and to work towards the achievement of future security and stability. To give your best shot to being your best self. But do remember the rogue effect of  that reversing Mercury and keep close watch on the details!



Friday 4th August 2017  Today there's a Jupiter (in Libra) Pluto(in Capricorn) Square, and on Monday a lunar eclipse (in Aquarius). So things are gathering momentuum, reaching a crescendo, a peak. Where in your life is there some element of injustice or imbalance? It's being corrected, even though that might not yet be crystal clear.
And if you are the one who's knocked your life off balance through taking a wrong turn, now is the time when you are being called upon to correct it. Take the chance to make your own karma better wherever that opportunity presents itself.

I have in the last couple of weeks, heard SO many stories of situations which have been hard going for the last two years or even for much longer, reaching a point of transformation. 
Karma is at work. Jupiter and Pluto have always fascinated me as a combination, as Jupiter is known as the greater benefic and Pluto is that circle of life/death/resurrection and deep resources of power on many levels. Pluto is extreme and seems to represent the Phoenix within us all, and even retribution, fate, accumulation of karma.

Jupiter in mythology was fostered out, away from his birth family, which was unsafe for him. He might have been "abandoned" in his eyes, but in truth he was saved from his cruel father Saturn (Chronos) who devoured all of his other children. In the myth he ate them all, but there are other ways to "devour" a person, as we all know.
Jupiter's mother (Rhea) had him fostered out and fed his father a stone in place of the newborn. A sea goat called Amalthea reared Jupiter until he came of age, whereupon he returned to the family unit, strong and confident, and rather like the wicked wolf in Red Riding Hood's story, Saturn was ripped open, slain by his son ( fulfilling a prophecy made many years before when he himself had slain his own father, Uranus) and the siblings were all released, reborn. So Jupiter is the rescuer, and perhaps also the bringer of justice/karmic consequence as he makes the closure aspect (of three) with Pluto in Saturn's own sign.

Pluto represents the underworld, the stuff that goes on that our senses alert us to, but which often cannot be seen. Situations that torment us, such, for example as subtle bullying or betrayals and treachery. Jupiter in aspect with Pluto is akin to that point where it seems impossible that things can turn around. But they do. 
Look out for situations that may have plagued you, turning around. Look out for impossible breakthroughs actually happening.

This is also eclipse season, this August, and Monday's lunar eclipse marks completion, conclusion,perhaps revelations too. Full Moon is the peak, the maximum, the full picture. 
This eclipse is, naturally in tandem with a solar eclipse. They come as a pair. The solar eclipse is in Leo, on 21st August. This pair of eclipses happened back in August 1998. Can you recall what was happening in your life that was the focus of quite a significant ending/beginning? 
Eclipses usually correspond with some kind of a changeover or new pace. Out with the old, in with the new. Fresh starts. It's likely to mean more to those whose personal planets and angles are connected to the degrees of these eclipses, the lunar at 15 degrees of Aquarius (this may especially resonate for those with birthdays 2-5th February) and the solar at 28 degrees of Leo (this may especially resonate with those whose birthdays fall 20-22nd August)
Be aware of deeper feelings surfacing over this coming, swelling Moon weekend. Monday's full Moon eclipse could stir passions for fairness and equality and for humanitarian causes. Watch for all kinds of scientific breakthroughs surfacing, too and for some news around the world of TV, Aviation and Telecommunications. Reality TV shows could be raising eyebrows more than usual at this full Moon, too.
Funnily enough the week that follows could bring relief to many.
Have a good one.

Friday 28th July There's been a lot of Mars energy and it'll continue, giving quite a boost to your intentions and also at times inclining us to burn ourselves out doing too much, over thinking, too much on your mind, too much on the task list. The weekend has a slower moving feel to it, thanks to the Sun and Mars, both now in Leo of course, in a quirky aspect with Saturn, which means that there is some trip yourself up energy hee, and possibly some blessings in disguise over the things that actually don't happen too rapidlt. That Sun/Mars aspect is fiesty and fiery and wants action and wants to shine and dazzle, while Saturn tugs back and reminds us that we're wise to make sure we are well prepared and organised. Recognising limits and boundaries and respecting the rulebook are important considerations opver this coming week as Jupiter comes into this mix too, squaring Pluto. That combo says that there may be something required by way of terms and conditions or official paperwork, before something is "released", approved, made possible.

Gorgeous Venus is coming into Cancer from Monday afternoon too. These next few weeks will be a lovely time to be hospitable, and to bring warmth to family ties.  Thanks for reading my cosmic updates and have a great week!

Friday 21st July 2017 Today, Friday, has some excellent energy for thinking outside of the proverbial parameters with a Sun/Uranus square!! Uranus is in an "awakener" planet has been triggering the (current) sun rise sign of Cancer from his high zenith point of Aries, which means that many of us are getting woken sooner than we wanted to be!!

Mars just arrived, strutting in like a peacock in Leo.. everyone wants to dazzle, people spark off of each other to show their feathers! It's a great time to be creative or sports or to make babies! 

Sun arrives in Leo on Saturday afternoon at 16:15hrs BST.  Babies born from then are lions and lionesses, born to shine!  New Moon is on Sunday, the first of two in Leo, the second being a solar eclipse, so there'll be a lot happening around leaders and I suspect  Royal news too, given the intensity of all this Leo focus.  Eclipses mark the end of one era, beginning of another. and they used to be interpreted only to the affairs of leaders and  monarchs. So the eclispe is on August 21st and  it'll mark a significant development around at least one very high ranking global figure, not necessarily on the date, perhaps in the coming weeks ahead of the eclipse, or just after.. but it is a key time of shifts and changes for us all.

So here comes this first new Moon in Leo is this Sunday at 10:46hrs and Mars is alongside for a few hours,. and the sky looks narky to me. It looks like a lot of posturing, preening and  impatience. GO EASY!! " Be humble, as you may be wrong" I read somewhere recently. 

Traditionally between now and Monday it's  Moon dark, as the Moon shrinks to her thinnest, is good for quietly preparing for those new chapters rather than leaping in there, so I'd sit and meditate and set those intentions into wishes and prayers and heed the intuition that guides you from your core to what's best, once the Sun reaches Leo tomorrow from 16:15 .This Saturday night's energies in particular are wonderful for that, but there's a brewing energy that's going to tempt some to be a bit hasty. I'm sure you are well aware that normally it's the full Moon that is supposed to be when we all get wacky, but this Sunday when the Moon actually becomes new has some  crazy energies around it. Uranus unsettles with a giddy, sensitive aspect, then Moon is in Leo and new at 10:46am, and Mars wants to be heard, he wants action. he sees the road he wants to travel on and wants to leap onto it without checking what's coming. Moon is DARK ..this means it's easy to leap too soon, to overreact or to grab at something that might be better scrutinised first. Like a beautiful rose. Be careful on the roads, be willing to listen and learn and try to think a beat or two ahead, to think of the long game!

Tuesday 18th July 2017   Mars and Uranus are very much in the picture today..go carefully in high octane situations.. think of the long term outcome that you're seeking. Mars and Uranus are linked with bumps and with explosions of anger and impatience causing accidents, and with mechanical issues. They can also bring fast progress to certain situations, so long as there's a clear well thought out plan and the preparation is right. Then it's seize the moment time. Don't get angry, live well, says the cosmos, although there's a sneaky wee Mars/Neptune connection tonight too which can bring ulterior motives and glossed up facts so look beneath the surface, for example if you are looking at buying something or if someone is feeding you ammunition they'd like you to fire. Reading the road ahead might prove to be wise advice

Thursday 6th July 2017 There is such an intensity in the air just now, and I am sure everyone feels it. like what's simmering under or buried away is bursting to the surface. Sunday 9th has  the Sun and Mars in Cancer, (the protector and defender, the sign of the family and of the home and of the past).. in opposition to that big Capricorn ( governments, authorities and structure, security, property, establishments)  Moon and Pluto, and it's an energy that can be used to turn things right around in the best of ways, a time to turn the tide on what's over and done with.

But it can also churn us up, and it can show what's defunct, what's not going to last another season, needs repaired or renewed. Pluto can stir our most primitive feelings of ancient pain and jealousy and fear of being "replaced" ourselves.

He can take us down to touch the bottom of the sore place, heal it, fix it, mend it and rebirth us stronger than we were before. The truth is that Pluto experiences whatever they are, whether they are about revamping and rebuilding the home, a business, or even getting some part of ourselves mended, leave us changed forever. We can't go back to where we used to be.

So often when Pluto is stirring things in our own charts, we see things that can't be unseen, that change our view of the world.  Like soldiers going to war then coming home, changed, quite different. Or someone going to volunteer for the Red Cross in a famine zone. People who become very wealthy or powerful, too, people who get a new lease of life through a massive experience, such as an organ transplant, and people who get the chance to take their ambitions to the top, people who get to see life in an entirely different perspective. Pluto experiences are deep. They can also enrich us. We can see the world in a way that strips away old silly doubts and fears that used to matter and no longer do.We become deeper as human beings, seeing more, feeling more, and often more empathetic too.

Not everyone reading this will relate to the power of Pluto to utterly transform and turn your life around, but those who do might well sigh in recognition. There's a turning point this week for many, and it is about letting go of what you can now see, maybe after several years of struggling to keep or get something back on track that actually, no longer fits where you are now, which in itself can prove liberating, allowing you to start heading for the real rebirthing that comes from a Pluto transit.

So often people go through unfathomably tough times that seem to have no rhyme nor reason, and truth be told, they are never going to be understood, and would never have been sought, but every tough time eventually eases and the space of what's gone might be filled by something that gives purpose and passion and maybe makes a difference to the world along the way, too. Pluto can bring wealth in his own way, too.

Pluto is far from sweet, so when I see him making a lot of big hits as he has been doing, particularly affecting those born with planets (and chart points) in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, it makes me want to say.. I know you are going through some big stuff just now, and I hear you. I also know that you'll come out the other side of these changes, reborn.


Wednesday 28th June 2017.  Virgo Moon today = good for tackling the details and tending the task list. Mercury aligns with Mars at 20:50hrs this evening UK time, so many of us are feeling the urgency to get our limbs moving! This is a sharp connection too so watch for sharp things..have respect for them. Words can be sharper or maybe more motivational, too. With Mercury orbiting towards an opposition with deep and secretive Pluto by Friday, it may be that some things aren't being asked/ said that need to be, but picking the right time is important, because fiery Mars is in the picture, opposing Pluto exactly on Sunday lunchtime, and he's easily ruffled.He's also easily stirred to defend, protect and repair.

Tuesday 27th June 2017 Mercury is square to Jupiter today.. be careful what you promise..and scrutinise the details, and on the other hand, you may get more than you bargained for in a good way. Plus if you can help another with a kindness or make each other giggle, it'll be the best therapy..

New Moon tomorrow 24th June 2017..and it's pretty passionate..if you get up on your high horse about anyone or anything that you see in need of protection, needs defending, over the next few days, you won't be talked down

Sun finds Cancer this Wednesday morning 21st June 2017 at 05:24hrs marking the Solstice.. midsummer, and the lightest of nights..Babies born from then are cute wee Crabs..born to nurture and to protect and to keep us safe. Cancerians love their grub, and a good hearty home cooked dinner doesn't go amiss as a rule. They can have all their defences up and seem quite cool even a bit nippy at times or hypersensitive to perceived criticism, but there's such a warm heart under that shell, that you could well be glad you decided to persevere. Family matters a lot to Cancer, whether it's the big extended unit or their own wee one. Feelings are hard to discharge, and they forgive but never forget. It's hard to get close, truly close to a Cancerian, but those who do are rewarded with a warmth, caring and loyalty second to none.

19th June 2017 Moon's just passed her conjunction with agitation and upsetting planet Uranus and she's heading for a "keep communicating" aspect with the Sun, followed by two weary but compassionate links with Neptune ..and planet Venus makes a sweet aspect tomorrow morning with Neptune, too, so reaching out to be loving and kind, being creative, thoughtful and loyally steadfast, those qualities will shine..

12th June 2017 Some things are taking time to happen this week. Saturn is opposing the Sun. Doors may seem closed or options blocked or just not yet being made clear. All in good time, says Saturn, the timelord of the solar system... or maybe it's more a case of all in Saturn's time. Today, Monday, is good for quietly taking care of business, no fancy manoevures. Tomorrow brings answers for many, even good news for some, although "stick to the plan, stick to the rulebook" Saturn is still dominating till Thursday's by.

9th June 2017 Moon will be full by 14:10hrs, in Sagittarius, with Jupiter turning direct at 15:02.. this is an important, truly significant date for many, but some hoping for progress and change will be kept waiting 10-12 days for breakthroughs, followed by a highly charged action phase that'll possibly surprise those who currently feel as though things are muted or diluted.

6th June 2017 Moon is in Scorpio today and Venus is newly arrived in Taurus..this is a strong feminine energy, showing many women of the world building their strength to nurture, protect and bring harmony. It's not that guys don't have or show these qualities, far from it, as we are all a mix of masculine and feminine energies, but today just looks like one of these days when women are prominent ..That Scorpio Moon can bring out the best in human nature, unity of feeling and the strength to move mountains, and yes, as said before, the Scorpio Moon highlights the extremes in the world too, and Moon will align with both Jupiter and Neptune, so there's a lot of reflection today, but also quiet resolutions being made about making the most of what we share, what we do have right now.

1st June 2017  June begins a powerful all change chapter for many, with a theme of "balance being redressed".

25th May 2017  Pluto is very much in evidence over this Moondark Moon in Gemini tonight, so a day to be really aware of the undercurrents, and to be mindful of what you step into..Venus squares Pluto which brings situations where people can change their lives forever, especially in relationships..which can be for good or not so good. Go gently. Think about what you say and how you say it, and if you know you might stir something up by initiating a certain connection, whether it's a danger that you might tie yourself in to a commitment you don't really want, which could be financial as easily as emotional, please think ahead. Let your thoughts go to a point where the consequences of your actions now will be felt.. think about how those consequences may impact. The only real power worth anything at love. 

Wednesday 10th May 2017 Full Moon tonight at 22:42hrs, in Scorpio..intense emotional highs and lows for some. There's jittery, unsettling stuff in the air, especially over last night as Mercury aligned with Uranus, making this a thoroughly exciting or else a really tense time. Scorpio full Moon reminds us that time is precious, reflecting the whole circle of birth, life, death and of course rebirth.Could be a day when you're inclined to arrange to do something that reflects this.. "we're here, we're alive now, let's do that thing we always said we would". Try to make allowances for the swell of emotion, and try also to be the best you you can be today..regardless of whether or not there's "something in it" for you. Scorpio goes the extra mile, in every sense, so make that extra mile one you will feel proud about :-)

Tuesday 9th May 2017  Can you feel the beginning, the birth of a new mindset, pattern, way of doing things? Mercury makes his final in a lengthy series of recent conjunctions with the planet of revolution and innovation and of the higher mind, Uranus, who's in Aries for a few years yet.. and with a full Moon tomorrow in Scorpio, this is about gestation, it's about fertilisation, and about death of the old patterns, conception and growth of something fresh and new.

The full Moon swells emotions to their height, and we see the best and the worst of human nature at such a time, when Scorpio is prominent, with dramas, maybe even some shockers making news..surprise announcements.

Uranus is in Aries, sign of the leader, and as Uranus is unconventional.. look at what we are seeing..we are being shaken right out of our entrenched expectations. It's a time of opposites..and yet this full Moon is saying, okay, let's turn this extreme tide and start working with what we have here.

Mars is in Gemini, unsettling and agitating communications, too, and come Thursday, is in an undermining, flat tyre, low energy link with look out for rogues making news, and perhaps for news of a prominent male personality exiting the role he's been in.
Friday takes Mars into an alignment with Jupiter, on a Sagittarius Moon day, which could bring a lot of fiery politicking, and also a big push forwards after that energy dip. Have a good week all!

Friday 5th May 2017 Looks like a good weekend ahead for many with Moon in a good mood with Jupiter in sociable Libra ( watch for wee cranky mechanical things though)... enjoy, whatever your plans are! :-) 

Friday 28th April 2017 Hey Venus! Great to see you back in Aries after all that messin' about with relationships..although stargazers know that as you aligned with Chiron and squared Saturn, you were trying to get some real and honest into ancient angst that needed an airing.
Now you're in trailblazing Aries, it feels like you're ready to get some straight talking done.
Mercury is still retrograde, until Wednesday teatime, so there's more to be said, but this time the target won't be missed, no fudging, no trying to do that Venus in Pisces thing of making excuses for bad behaviour, muttering ah well maybe they had a difficult day/life. 
Now, lady Venus, you are going to feel that Aries fire and express yourself in a way that leaves no room for misunderstandings, no room for doubt. Mercury is beside Uranus in Aries too. This is a shake it up, revolutionary chapter. Know what the intended outcome is, and get well prepared to handle any fires that you start. Female leaders are going to be centre stage..

26th April 2017 New Moon in Taurus today , at 13:16hrs.. time to look at what comforts, sustains and finances you, and to have a new look at ideas to enhance life in those ways. Taurus time is when buds are blossoming, when we are seeing hope in the Springtime scenery around us, here in the northern hemisphere, and when we are infused with fresh urges to "plant" fresh seeds of our own. 
Right now Venus is still in dreamy, soulful and escapist Pisces, and she is the "ruler" of this new Moon, very much about tending any wounds that need to be healed before we move on into those fresh new chapters. If there is unfinished business, don't doubt your ability to sort that out. Raise your game. Be your very best YOU.
Mercury is currently deep into his retrograde phase, so things will be said about matters of the past, people will reconnect, and some will seem strangely silent, because they're off having a think, and some will change their minds about what they thought a month or so back.
Revelations and realisations are in the air over this week. People could suddenly present new information that alters the picture, people may be contrary, controversial, but the big thing to do under this " make life feel comfortable, settled" new Moon is to be mindful that we are all human. Do as you would be done to. Let kindness and compassion flow through your soul and allow healing to happen where that is needed, because through healing comes liberation. If you enjoy my posts, do feel free to share the link to my website, and remember you an also follow me on Facebook


Friday 21st April 2017  Hello from me..Recording in depth look at the Month of May for my horoscope lines, today, and liking a lot of the aspects despite the madness of the world right now. Today marks the completion of the Venus/Saturn square. Relating blocks have been in evidence for the last few weeks in particular. It's happening across the signs of Pisces and Sagittarius. Pisceans are getting stronger about what they will tolerate, standing up for justice and fairness, being reminded that being kind can also require tough love, while" barriers up" (due to Saturn in their sign just now), Sagittarians are being tugged to honour their roots, reminded that building for the future will benefit from strong foundations, and also being "taught" to respect their often hidden softer sides.
Relationships that irritate and grate and annoy under this aspect which is in everyone's horoscope, are very likely significant bonds from which we are intended to learn and grow and become more deeply at peace with ourselves.
Financially this aspect marks the turning of a tighter, restricted tide and benefits from shopping around and from not discounting the idea of recycled treasures, either way, buying or selling.
Mars enters Gemini ( travelling across there until 5th June) this Friday morning at 11:32hrs UK time, under an Aquarian Moon. Spreading wings and taking on a more expansive, lighter view of life feels more possible. Mars in Gemini does herald a time of potentially fiery communications mind you, and under the Aquarian Moon, that's definitely a precursor of the inevitable political sparks.
Geminis will be feeling the burn, wanting to press on with projects and could be starting new jobs. Many will be asserting themselves, rather noticeably. Watch for well known Geminis making (more than usual) news. (The USA President is one.)
And Mars pulsing across Gemini brings educational busy-ness. People are restless and wanting 
to be out and about more..and to speak up and express views. This transit happens every two years or so, and was last seen over mid May to late June 2015. Mars will be in an opposition with Saturn over this time, which simply put equals leadership challenges. The motor trade is also getting stirred up. 
The weekend ahead has the dreamer's Pisces Moon. Sunday is the better day to plan the fun stuff. Saturday has possible weather wobbles and there's a restless air, mixed with foggy dreamy duvet and a movie urges.. So go gently if you are able to on Saturday and plan on doing something nice on Sunday at some point, if you can.:-)


Well, I can imagine a fair number of people were robbed of sleep through the night by Uranus, the AWAKEN-ER.. he is aligned today with the Sun. This marks moments of rebellion and of sudden lightning fast situations where life can change in a's been that way all week really, as the aspect has been applying. Moon Has just arrived in Sagittarius this morning at 11:27am.. encouraging folk to spread their wings and fly, but possibly not on that shocker of an airline..who's been making news. I mentioned earlier this week that Uranus rules technology and aviation and humanitarian issues. It's been quite a week.
If you've been feeling a mixture of adrenaline racing jangly stuff and real weariness, that's hardly surprising as Venus and Saturn are in a jarring link at the same time as all this Uranus energy is flying about. It's a bit like being woken up to run a sprint when you're still barely conscious. Venus is making this aspect with Saturn to remind us to appreciate who really matters in terms of relationships, and to be compassionate with those who just don't get the meaning of compassion and caring. That's a heck of a big ask isn't it? Sometimes we just have to lead by example.
Venus is in the most incredibly alignment this weekend. She is motionless in the sky, about to turn forward, and she is alongside Chiron in Pisces. This is all about healing and compassion, and it's also very much deeper than that.
Some will feel this aspect very intensely. Let me elaborate.
Inside every one of us is a tender spot. The spot that got scarred many years ago by what feels like a hard to understand, unfair or very painful situation. "Why did that have to happen to me?" we might wonder.. because it's so often something that just utterly sucks and happened when we felt powerless, defenceless and small. It's linked to experiences of childhood which have in quite a deep way, defined how we react and respond in certain emotionally testing situations. We become that defenceless child and need the "sookie blanket".

Some reading this won't get it.. but many will. lots of us refuse to look very deeply at ourselves and hit the same old brick walls and wonder why that has to keep happening. But this weekend's aspect is very much about something happening, a realisation, an experience, an encounter that has a powerfully healing effect. For some, this phase of your life is very much a further defining one, the one when you get clear of ancient sorrow or pain, very likely by something scratching an old wound, followed by certain realisations that aid true healing.

If this feels too deep for you right now, scroll on by, you aren't in that place where you need to hear it. but the conjunction of Venus with Chiron at a time of Uranian awakenings could mark a milestone that turns out to be quite quietly amazing. :-)

Friday 31st March 2017

There's this big alignment involving the Sun and Jupiter and Pluto and Uranus building over the next week or so, making everything feel like a bigger deal, more intense, more urgent, and for many this will be a landmark chapter, with retrograde Venus and stationary about to be retrograde Saturn, added to slow, about to be retrograde Mercury, suggesting many of us are feeling that we are taking steps back..which will mean many things for many people. Worth a think about that one. 

You may be getting something back on track in your life at last. You may be thinking about moving back to a familiar location. You may go back to a fomer occupation. Globally there's an awareness of what seems like the opposite of progress towards unity..steps back.  There is a resonance with the sort of leadership that leaves no room for doubt. Which can smack of dictatorships. At every level..not just politically. Many are unsettled and seeking what looks like a safe rock to climb onto..  But Aries time, right now, says be more proactive, analyse and think about what's in front of us, suggests the cosmos, to not just assume the rhetoric will lead to the destination we each have in mind. Too much mob mentality and aggression in the world just now, (Thanks Uranus in Aries for reminding us of the 1930's!)  brings imbalance and division.

There's fractious rays this week, upheavals which for some ring in a bright new chapter, long needed, revivals and reconnections, and for some there's upheavals as domestic changes get underway.

There is also a physical energy at work here that is about cyclones and earthquakes and routes being diverted across the world. It may well be the best of times in the midst of the worst of times for some people, but this spring time energy is alight with a message of hope that with the right attitude to one another, we can build perhaps different but good new bridges of understanding. 

Remember too that with a slow Mercury, about to retrograde next Sunday 9th April,  some arrangements will meet with other considerations and could be rearranged between now and mid May.  Till next time!

Happy new Moon day! Moon is new in Aries, stirring us to be pioneers and trailblazers and to go out there and get things moving, make things happen.
Venus, planet of relating and of fine things and finance is retrograde, aligning with switch things around planet Uranus, having passed at the weekend through the heart of the Sun in what's termed a cazimi conjunction = very, very close, and this is about relationships. Things about turning and balance redressed.

First and foremost, I see this fresh lunar energy around us as hopeful with work required to address the unsettles core of some alliances, clear it our and find a fairer, more balanced route for the future.

Jupiter is aligning with Pluto in a challenge aspect this week and it may be time to revitalise a business tie, or to transform a relationship. Jupiter in mythology was the rescuer of Pluto.. so it may be that what looked hopeless, dead in the water, or dying, was instead laying dormant, awaiting the right moment to be reborn, to rise and prosper. As this is a square aspect (90 degrees) it'll be career, property, security, the foundations of family life that are prominent. It's a time of turmoil and transformation. Truth is that on the road to big changes there's often a bit of a mess.

With Mercury so busy over the next month or so, there will be so much coming to light that's all about redressing a certain balance, and straightening things out, and as Uranus is powerfully connected to this process, controversy is never too far away and some conversations are loaded with static electricity.. where people feel they don't dare do there, yet inevitably must to neutralise that charge in the air. Here's an idea if you have a tricky topic to chat about under this phase. A "blow the cobwebs away" walk and talk is better than face offs. That way, two are walking in the same direction, looking to reach the same destination.

The Aries new Moon wants us to waste no time on what isn't important, but to enjoy all the good that's out there, and to make the most of what IS possible, and if there's something to fix, heal, transform, that new Moon gives us the courage to go do that, too

Sunday 26th March 2017 

Communications planet Mercury is in headstrong Aries aligning with revolutionary, lightning change bringer, Uranus.

This aspect can bring controversial words, reversed decisions along with brainwaves and wonderful innovations. The desire to do things differently, to break an endless chain of same old same be free of anything pressured, anything that's taking too much headroom for comfort.

It's easy to get into one of those differences where each person knows they are right. Easy to broadcast without listening. I decided to do this post because this aspect is not going away for a while. It'll get tossed up again on 28th April, then finally on 10th May which is the date of a full Moon in Scorpio. At which point things become pretty final, so it's an idea to make sure the finale is a good one, the best outcome possible. For example, taking a bright new trailblazing plan through its paces, fine tuning it and bringing it to fruition.

There's also a rather potent Venusian phase which is shifting and turning relationships around, showing a different aspect of folk, or of a situation you thought was a certain way, but are being shown what's underneath or what's at the core. Some will rediscover each other, under the retrograde of Venus. Some may fear that all is lost, then find a new understanding is possible. But with that overall Mercury aspect, the key is in a two way flow of communicating, and as Uranus is involved.. it's a good idea to try to think yourself into another's shoes, not necessarily to be best buddies, but to at least take it to a higher more objective level.

That's where there are troublesome issues of course. Which is often why people read these posts, to gain some insight, understanding that there may be an energy at work that's reflecting what's unsettling us. Its often a relief to know the astrology. It won't cure but it might calm. So whether you're having a bright day with a difference or there's something "burstin your heid", the cosmos is taking us into Spring with a shift in awareness and encouraging us to look at fresh ideas.

Friday 24th March 2017 

Aquarius finds today's Moon, so quirky folk do well as does the spirit of friendship and kindness. Aquarius likes a bit of space to be at its best..don't crowd em in and you'll get the best of them. They can't be doing with all the mundane stuff..(like pondering the latest celebrity gossip for example), they're more interested in the mysteries of the universe, in the importance of not using all those plastic bags and packaging, more interested in preserving the planet, looking after the bees, reminding us that a man's a man for all that.. to quote our idealistic, observational Aquarian national Bard, Robert Burns.. so today, focus on what really matters, to get the best of your day, give the day your best.

Mercury is in a tricky aspect, which means many secret/ private discussions are happening, very likely with a view to building bridges we as yet know nothing about. Jupiter is travelling this year in Libra, sign of the bridge, and as my fellow astrologers know, is strongly triggered at the moment, by Pluto, subversive and dark planet of upheavals, of that sharp cycle of life and death, and also the planet that probes to get the the very core of a matter.

Jupiter's square to Pluto is a reminder of the importance of healthy, nurturing relationships, and of spending time those who matter. Jupiter and Pluto represent the powers that be, Pluto is in the sign of government, Jupiter in the sign of alliances, and in their current jarring angle, Jupiter and Pluto remind us of the need to use our own power wisely, and to perhaps to pay attention to the connections we make in our individual lives, too.


Friday 17th March 2017 Saturn slows us down today.. or adds extra weight.. go gently. Take the wise route.. Not a day to try to "jump the lights"..

Wednesday 15th March 2017..Finding it hard to get going? Moon is void of course and in the Via Combusta..this is called the fiery road.. watch for cases of "too little too late" and try not to get too wound up about what you cannot yet do much about. There's a slowing down phase afoot. Cosmic traffic jam..sometimes we are stuck.. so we can have more time to figure things out.Be kind to yourself and to others today, and try to stay patient. If you don't know how to do something, step away.. do some research, don't rush at it. If it's worth doing, it's worth getting right. :-) 

Monday 13th March 2017 This week has a building square (challenge) aspect from the Sun to Saturn, exact on Friday. Walk, don't run and have faith that even small steps take us where we need to be. Prioritise and try to stay with that list/ plan. Today has good energy, and the week isn't a bad one, indeed a lot of quietly constructive, helpful input is around, but as the Moon starts waning/shrinking..we may be draining the batteries if we place too heavy a weight of expectation, maybe of fast results, on ourselves. Careful sifting and sorting of priorities lightens the pressure. Saturn favours not running at brick walls..the wall often wins there. Also fighting to change the status quo ..that isn't as effective as steadily, quietly working away on a step by step strategy, maybe climbing into the other party's shoes. Once you understand where the obstructive "other" is coming from, you'll be far better equipped to find the route to that hoped for transformation. It takes time to bring about solid, lasting change for the better, but it's not impossible. It's not what you's how you do it this week. Have a good one all :-)

Thursday 9th March 2017.. Pluto is in the spotlight this Thursday so renewals, repairs and rebirthing is a theme, along with the resurfacing of people and projects that seemed to have been ouit of your orbit of late. Mars will be leaving Aries for Taurus, arriving at 00:34hrs GMT this Friday morning in the UK. You might have a sense of urgency around what needs to be done and dusted, fixed, renewed, but you also may be feeling the need for some leisure, pleasure and recreation.


Thursday 2nd March 2017  The solar eclipse may have left some of you feeling a bit drained or depleted, but it's also opening some amazing doors of opportunity and marking some significant life shifts, too.  This particular eclipse is one of a "family" of eclipses that traditionally bring good things. Breakthrough energies are around us, as Jupiter and Uranus are in the second ( usually very meaningful) or three oppositions over nine months at the moment, (this one is exact this Friday 3rd March at 01:15am (GMT) in the UK)  to bring surprise twists and turns and unexpected offers and options that possibly bring stress around alliances and. yes, in some relationships too, but stress is also eustress and can be wild excitement!  Do try to time manage as best as you can, think ahead where possible, giving yourself a beat or two before you respond to what's popping up now, and don't doubt that you are allowed/entitled to do well.

This aspect is one that releases us.. maybe brings us justification for doing something we feel we want or need to but weren't so sure about how best to move things along. Suddenly an event occurs that answers that conundrum. Suddenly we are set free of what was "stuck". The circumstance under which this happens are different for us all, but the theme is similar. Jupiter is known as the greater benefit planet, and Uranus is the revolutionary, lightning changer of circumstances. So for many, what changes now, whether obviously a blessing or not, might have some unexpected benefit.

Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries can be crazy, hectic and yes, mad over the top situations can emerge, especiially right now with manic Mars in the mix, so watch your step, look before you leap and stay alert to what's going on around you, but this one also brings helpful people who encourage the uniqueness of others, and suprising decency when least expected too.

Jupiter brings benefits through team work, while Uranus shines as a hero if allowed to do things his way. So watch for some unlikely heros!   :- )

Friday 24th February 2017  : There's a solar eclipse in Pisces on Sunday 26th February at 14:58hrs GMT. It's a new Moon, too, so it's about new beginnings, coming after the light is switched off on what's in front of us. we get to think about what to put in place of what's closing, ending, then the light is switched back on and the cosmos is suddenly hyper..the world is a wee bit mad this coming week. There's such a drive to get to where we want to be, like a grand prix without the rulebook. Be aware of this energy, and be as wise as you can be. Technology, travel and that ongoing global indignation will all be revved up, to bring an eventful, highly charged week. Use the energy to get things done if you can..and keep sending out positive and harmonious vibes, if you can. Some will be raging over injustices, some will be competing and triumphing, some will be heroes.. what do you plan to be this week? Wild or wonderful? Both? Till next time :-)

Monday 20th February 2017  Sagittarius is where the Moon is today and has been since Saturday evening, so who's in the mood to book a holiday or looking at new forms of transport? Saturn, lord of Reality is keeping many a foot on the ground mind you! There's an itch for many to see beyond the immediate picture and to have something exciting to look forward to. Because the Sun is newly in Pisces, since Saturday at 11:31am..Pisceans, Cancerians and Scorpios are more in their element now..although that upcoming eclipse is stirring us to do something new with our lives, to live life more fully, one way or another. Don't be surprised if you feel a wee bit like escpaist, slightly elusive, not wanting to commit to too much just yet, until you see which way the land lies with one key situation for example.. the key situation being whatever this upcoming eclipse is underlining as a major theme in your own life right now. It's common, too to feel like withdrawing and being reflective because Pisces energies bring this. Holiday or exploring urges are a part of the same theme, too. Eclipses sweep away an element of the past, but rather than fear this, it's more a case of being ready to take the next fresh step, maybe one that's as natural as breathing. Eclipses happen. The last one that occurred in the same part of the sky as Sunday 26th February's was 27th February 1998. Are you still here..reading this? Eclipses may for some mark bigger milestones, but they mirror rather than cause.. and this is a new Moon, remember, so it's our opportunity to set out new plans and find the best route to making things make the very best of our own gift of life. This week's energies are good for that, and for decluttering, transforming, for making big efforts to make a difference. If you are steamed up about anything, Wednesday is a day to tread wisely to get the best outcome. To do the right thing..and as Capricorn Michelle Obama famously said.."when they go low you go high". Some will be heroes, pulling out the stops to be the best they can be this week. Some will repair, renew and transform. Some will face tricky challenges, hold heads high and emerge on top.. what will you be doing?  Follow me on facebook and interact there if you'd like to :

There's a lunar eclipse coming into the early hours of Saturday 11th February, at 00:38hrs GMT, and it's in Leo, beside the fixed star Regulus, the king maker, as well as aligning with Jupiter, so I'd expect to be hearing a lot about leaders and kings and the royals in general as I've mentioned before for this year's eclipses. It's a full moon and this is the time when arrangements get tied up, often very successfully under such a Moon. It is the Snow Moon, so yes, in the northern hemisphere this could well mark the turning of the weather pattern and cold cold air.. along with an increased longing for sunshine in the northern hemisphere and cooler climes in the southern as this lunation reminds us of extremes.

Time to tidy up the loose ends, time to remind yourself of why we are all here.. to enjoy the gift that is life. Love, live, smile, give, share.. it's a time for dramas playing out too, for those in the public eye being more so. And it's also a significant time for children of the world. For resolutions and moves made to add protection wherever possible. 

The full Moon brings partying, and in Leo, much theatre..makes everything larger than life as it connects with Jupiter too. Corners are turned, milestons reached. and matters made official over this next week could be all important to many of us. Getting organised for the new beginnning ahead is smart. Thanks for stopping by!

31st January 2017      As February opens, we have a vibrant Aquarian new Moon's energy helping us to push forward with our schemes and dreams and goals for this year, so set your best foot forward and don't wait for this moment or that.. do your level best to make things happen now. Start making your changes. One step at a time is just fine.

Aquarius is the sign of friendship, of humanitarianism and of team power. It's a sign ruled by magnetic and disruptive Uranus, who's in a communications area of the current Aquarian chart, and of course, we're in a chapter of history where many voices have to be heard..

Unconventional and often shocking Uranus is already in Aries, and this is the cosmic ray that's bringing political madness. Uranus was in Aries when Hitler and Mussolini were elevated to high power. Aquarius energy stirs us all to think about where our actions are leading us. And reminds us that we must begin the process of sought after changes with the way we live our individual lives, not reaching to someone or something as a prop to be "the answer". the answer is within each and every one of us. The stirring of the collective unconscious is what brings forth the shockers from an electorate, and I'm referring not just to one, but to several unsettled countries at the moment.

Projecting mass hopes onto a magnetically charged individual who's spinning yarn has happened at various times throughout history and is of course utterly unrealistic, but it's what's been happening. 
Dissatisfied characters who think that big guy with all the money has the answers that'll make life wonderful. He doesn't. He knows how to make his life wonderful. His actions may well shock folk into becoming increasingly proactive on the quest for their individual success and survival though. That could be the prize.

Warrior and assertive action planet Mars has arrived in Aries, the sign of the courageous, bold pioneer, the leader. Moon gets there tonight for a couple of days and then deal-maker planet of love and cash, Venus, who has been shining like a diamond in the skies of late, will reach Aries for an unusually lengthy visit. Between now and June much will be happening behind the scenes a

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